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Congaree State Bank holds a prominent place in the annals of West Columbia’s banking history. For 14 years, from its establishment in 2006 to its merger with United Bank in 2020, the bank has been a reliable financial partner to West Columbia, South Carolina residents. Located at 2023 Sunset Blvd, it stood as a beacon of stability, trust, and community spirit.

Building Foundations: The Genesis (2006-2009)

In 2006, the landscape of West Columbia was evolving, with the city embracing new opportunities. Congaree State Bank was born in this vibrant period, ready to serve the financial needs of the growing community. Around the same time, the city celebrated the West Columbia Beautification Foundation’s inception, aimed at enhancing the city’s aesthetics. The bank’s birth mirrored this broader commitment to community development.

Fostering Growth: The Decade of Expansion (2010-2020)

The new decade saw Congaree State Bank consolidating its position in the local banking sector. As the community grew, the bank became instrumental in fueling local development.

In 2014, the city underwent a significant transformation with the creation of the West Columbia Riverwalk Amphitheater. The bank played its part by offering financial services and loans, enabling the locals to contribute to the city’s growth and vibrancy.

As West Columbia further developed its reputation as an artistic and cultural hub, with notable events like the Kinetic Derby Day started in 2018, Congaree State Bank was there, supporting local businesses, individuals, and initiatives.

A New Era: The Merger with United Bank (2020)

In 2020, Congaree State Bank embarked on a new journey by merging with United Bank. This move represented an end of an era, but it also promised continuity and growth, reflecting the resilient spirit that marked the bank’s existence.

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The story of Congaree State Bank is one of trust, resilience, and commitment to the community. While the bank may have closed its doors, its legacy continues to inspire, reminding us of community banks’ essential role in local development. Through this remembrance, we keep the spirit of Congaree State Bank alive, honoring its contribution to the history of West Columbia.

Congaree State Bank
2023 Sunset Blvd
West Columbia, SC 29169